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Content Automation for Playout Centers

and Satellite Operators

Playmate is an easy to use software & hardware combo for scheduling programs, managing channels, advertising and graphics.


Playmate integrated show creator allows to design and manage a week of broadcast program and put on the air by a single person. Every system is custom-tailored to meet site-specific needs, software and hardware wise. 

PlayMate comes with 4 powerful modules


Rundown lists & show composer. 

Compose your program with videos, graphics and advertising.

Build-in channel graphics 

Create and edit on-screen graphics like channel branding and breaking-news in seconds, even when the program is already on air.

Synced advertising player 

Monetize your content by seamlessly integration of advertising and sponsored videos

Integrated storage

PlayMate comes with an internal media storage for fast and efficient media handling. PlayMate provides up to 177 hours of internal HD recording with H2.64. 

Streamlined workflows for playout centers and content managers

Fully scalable from 1 channel to over 500 channels

PlayMate uses ultra flexible IP layout and is virtually unlimited scalable. Launch new channels within hours and qickly expand your business. Easily back scalable when removing channels, use resources which become available for other tasks. Each install can be custom-tailored to meet site-specific needs. 

Made for 24/7 broadcast operation

Our clients told us: We want a software that is reliable and simple to use. We listened. Our engineers redesigned the user interface from the scratch. Clean & efficient, designed for 24/7 operations and optimized for heavy duty usage.


Built-in advertising player

Synced advertising player. Monetize your content by seamlessly integration of advertising and sponsored videos

Built-in Facebook and Youtube streaming

SMT Cloud renders your content to any output format including Facebook Live and Youtube Live. On top of that PlayMate supports “off-ramp” legacy playout (SDI) and modern IP infrastructure at the same time.

Integrated CG for live graphics, channel

branding and lower thirds

Create news-tickers and breaking-news on the fly and you can also edit titles and text while the show is on air! With customizable ready-made templates, you can change color schemes, textures, and styles and align graphics with your brand standards and visual identity.

Connect to top-tier news and content providers

PlayMate comes with a standard newsroom infrastructure that interworks with AP ENPS, Octopus 8, AVID iNEWS,

and Annova OpenMedia. SMT has comprehensive experience in integrating modules of existing newsroom system to

save cost. SMT provides full support during integration and implementation. 

Streamlined workflows from everywhere in the world

All broadcasters can login to their channel and Ingest, manage and arrange content, free of geographic boundaries

Broadcasters can prepare playlists via web based clients from everywhere in the world

Geographically distributed playout servers can act like one single entity

  • PlayMate can be controlled by a scheduler timetable for automatic broadcasting operations

  • Playback and recording of channels from multiple servers is supported from a single client application

  • Playlist are run from within Channels. Each playlist window shows the channel name where the playlist is loaded, the playlist name, and all clips and events in the Playlist

  • Playlist supports functions such as delays time triggers, Go To’s and GPI Triggers

  • Channel linking for multi channel control

  • Batch record from VTR with manual/imported batch list and Virtual Tapes for VTR replacement

  • Searches with ability to save searches

Full features

  • PlayMate supports MOS-Server exchanges MOS-IDs with iNews to create playlist on the Image/Video Server

  • PlayMate is compatible with Newsroom Production System like OpenMedia or iNews who gather text and video contributions and sent it to the PlayMate system

  • Editors put together news for the playout remotely and sent it to the PlayMate system

  • Last Minute changes are updated automatically via MOS-id

PlayMate hardware / software specifications

PlayMate Hardware Specifications

  • 19" 3RU enclosure

  • 2160/59.94p*4 or 1080/59.94i

  • HD: XAVC Intra Class 100 (all MXF formats)

  • XAVC Class 480, 300, 100 (HD) (MXF format)

  • Choose from four SSD capacities: 1.2 TB,*5 2.4 TB, 4.8 TB, or 9.6 TB

  • Redundant power supply

  • Full range of playout and ingest system applications.
    Bridges baseband output from cameras with file-based broadcast workflows.

  • Can display time codes or credits on a monitor in sync with the main playout line

  • LTO backup: Transfer MXFs created during recording to an optional internal LTO tape drive (one channel only)*4

  • External LTO/SSD backup: Transfer recorded MXFs to an optional external LTO tape drive or SSD cartridge

  • Control interfaces: Add an optional serial port or GPI port

  • Playing video files in a fraction of a second, the system starts delay free playing a video file.

  • The system provides signal output via SD-, HD- or UHD-SDI and NDI that source the video switchers.

  • Support of HD and UHD contents Customizable multilingual user interface

  • Full text search and individual search filters Easy playlist (rundown) creation via drag and drop

  • Creation of placeholders for files that are not physically available yet

  • Grouping of files within sets

  • XML-based import of sets from external systems (e.g. Annova OpenMedia)

  • AMP support (Advanced Media Protocol), that enables the system to be controlled by external applications and devices

  • Support for up to 16 concurrent channels incl. redundancy

  • Playback options like Autofollow, Cue black, Cue last, Loop, etc.

  • Frame accurate preview of files

  • Recording and trimming of files incl. edit-while-capture mode

  • Logging of all played clips (AsRunLog)  

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