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Studio Playout 

Live playout system for broadcast and live events

Studio Playout is our powerful and intuitive multichannel playout for professional studio environments. It enables you to easily create rundowns for multiple players and control their playout.


Studio Playout lets you design your show, load your production switcher with content and take it to air – all with one intuitive user interface. Centralize your workflow and save yourself time and money. Studio Playout is fully NDI compatible.

Studio Playout comes with

4 easy to use modules

Rundown lists & show composer 

Compose your show with pictures, videos, and advertising. Mix and match by composing your content into multiple rundown lists. With the 2 monitor setup you have your media asset pool right at your fingertips. Add any number of assets to your show with a simple drag-and-drop. It’s never been easier.

Built in CG engine for live graphics and lower thirds

Studio Playout has an integrating graphics render engine for rendering visuals in real time. It allows you to create a signature look for your live TV production with logos, animations, lower thirds and so much more to enhance your channel branding.

Integrated Storage and cloud storage options

With Studio Playout you get up to 177 hours of internal HD recording with H2.64. If you need more storage you can rely on Studio Playout SmartStorage. SmartStorage is a powerful, scalable, shared storage solutions with cloud connectivity.

Switch to 4K without changing the hardware

Studio Playout supports 4K Ultra High-Definition video output. BlackHive X7 is futureproof for 4K workflows, allowing you to work in HD and easily switch to 4K resolution on the same hardware at a later point.

Powerful show composer with individual rundown lists

Compose your show with live cameras, pictures, social media and advertising. Mix and match content by composing your content into rundown lists. Studio Playout lets you design your show, load your TriCaster, and take it to air – all with one intuitive user interface. Centralize your workflow and save yourself time and money.

Integrated CG for live graphics, channel branding and lower thirds

Deliver real-time, animated 3D graphics in resolutions up to 4K UHD, incorporating text, images, and videoWith customizable ready-made templates, you can change color schemes, textures, and styles and align graphics with your brand standards and visual identity. Create news-tickers and breaking-news on the fly and you can also edit titles and text while the show is on air!

Full iNews and MOS integration

  • Newsroom Production System like OpenMedia or iNews gather text and video contributions

  • Editors put together news for the playout

  • Playlists are created via MOS-Server on the BlackHive Server

  • Ready Playlist are submitted to automation system

  • Last Minute changes are updated automatically via MOS-id

  • Playlist Control on Newsroom System via SMT http-Server

Professional Tools for Any Production Environment



Advanced workflows for graphics authoring, data visualization, interactive election coverage, MOS newsroom production, collaborative NLE pipelines, video wall installations, and more. 

4K Crystal Clear Quality

The heart of BlackHive X7 is its blazing fast image processing engine. Completely redesigned to operate up to 60 fps in 4K, the new BlackHive X7 can handle massive speeds

Buil-in MOS, OpenMedia,

iNews automation

You can fully automate your Studio Playout rundown with newsroom systems like OpenMedia or iNews and gather text and video contributions. Editors put together news for the rundown-list, the rundown-lists are automatically created on Studio Playout server.

Studio Playout 

BlackHive X7 Hardware Software Combo

All Features

  • Playing video files in a fraction of a second, the system starts delay free playing a video file.

  • The system provides signal output via SD-, HD- or UHD-SDI and NDI that source the video switchers.

  • Support of HD and UHD contents Customizable multilingual user interface

  • Full text search and individual search filters Easy playlist (rundown) creation via drag and drop

  • Creation of placeholders for files that are not physically available yet

  • Grouping of files within sets

  •  XML-based import of sets from external systems (e.g. Annova OpenMedia)

  • AMP support (Advanced Media Protocol), that enables the system to be controlled by external applications and devices

  • Support for up to 16 concurrent channels incl. redundancy

  • Playback options like Autofollow, Cue black, Cue last, Loop, etc.

  • Frame accurate preview of files

  • Recording and trimming of files incl. edit-while-capture mode

  • Logging of all played clips (AsRunLog)  


  • Redundant power supply

  • Full range of playout and ingest system applications.
    Bridges baseband output from cameras with file-based broadcast workflows.

  • Can display time codes or credits on a monitor in sync with the main playout line

  • LTO backup: Transfer MXFs created during recording to an optional internal LTO tape drive (one channel only)*4

  • External LTO/SSD backup: Transfer recorded MXFs to an optional external LTO tape drive or SSD cartridge

  • Control interfaces: Add an optional serial port or GPI port