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SMT Munich GmbH

Rüdesheimer Str. 21
80686 Munich, Germany

About Signum Bildtechnik

Signum Bildtechnik is a german manufacturer of broadcast equipment with over 22 years’ experience based in Munich. Signum has comprehensive experience in building cloud-playout systems, streaming, recording and playout servers.


Signum is a mixture of system integrator and product manufacturer. All Signum products are designed in-house and individually tailored to the client’s needs. With its world-class enterprise support and over-the-air diagnostics, Signum delivers unmatched reliability for live broadcasting operations. Our goal is to build solutions that inter-work excellently with other systems. We rely on our highly-skilled engineers to create optimal solutions that meet your workflow requirements.

Like no other city in Germany, Munich combines innovation and tradition. Having the alps only a stone drop away, Munich is the hotspot for work hard and play hard.